ZIC M7 (4T) 10W-40 (VHVI TECH)


ZIC 4T is a high quality synthetic 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine oil with VHVI Technology incorporated, and is designed to provide exceptional lubrication for your motorcycle's transmission and clutch as well as the engine. ZIC 4T guarantees the best performance of lubrication and Oxidation stability under any circumstances.

SAE Grade 10W-40
API Grade SJ
Specific Gravity 15°C 0.85
Kinematic Viscosity cSt 40°C 96.5
Kinematic Viscosity cSt 100°C 14.9
Viscosity Index 160
Flash Point, °C 234
Pour Point, °C -37.5

For 4-cycle Motorcycles

  • Protect against piston scuffing.
  • Good Thermal/Oxidation Stability.
  • Protect Against rust.