27, October, 2015

Flow Trading LLC, Dubai Introduces New Ergonomically Designed Packaging for its ZIC Brand

Dubai, October 08, 2015: Flow Trading LLC has introduced new user friendly and ergonomically attractive packaging for its leading machine lubricants brand-ZIC oil, along with the introduction of new and simplified brand classification. Flow Trading LLC organized events exclusively for its stakeholder and retailers in UAE market at Sheraton Dubai Creek & Towers, Deira on Thursday. Also in attendance were the representatives from their Partners company SK Lubricants, Korea were Mr. Kim Jae-Kyoung (Manager, S.K Lubricants) and Mr. Jiwon Park (Team Leader of S.K Lubricants).

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Tahir Azam, while announcing the introduction of the new packaging material for ZIC lubricants, stated that whereas the overall objective of the introduction of the new packaging was to create an ease in the handling of the company’s fuel economy lubricants through attractively designed plastic containers, however the other reason was to deal with the issues of fake oil available in the market. He said that due to the growing demand for ZIC brand lubricants, it is important for the company to change its packaging designs after every 5-6 years so that we can counter the issue of the fake oil available in the market. He said that the introduction of new packaging imposes a major cost on the company, however as the use of fake oil can rather cause damage to the customer’s machinery and transport, therefore it is our duty to do everything to save them from spurious lubricant brands.

Mr. Tahir Azam further said that the new packaging provides an easier to handle and also ensures the consistent quality of our top lubricant brand under extreme temperature and pressure environments. The new packaging also ensures zero spills and contains a super strong adhesive seal to prevent leakage or wastage of oil during handling, transportation and distribution arrangements, he said. Besides the new packaging, the company has also simplified its brands by introducing the lines of X3, X5, X7 and X9 brands in ZIC X series. The MD stated that the new brand names would be easy to recall, pronounce and recognize. With the introduction of the new double handle containing bottles with simplified brand names, it would become easier for the customers to choose the preferred quality of ZIC lubricants according to their choice. 

Flow Trading LLC is the leading lubricant supply company of UAE, which boasts a sizeable market share in almost all the related market segments of the country. Flow Trading product portfolio, under the brand name of “ZIC”, includes a wide range of specialty lubricants in automotive, industrial and marine segments, which are imported from SK Lubricants Ltd., South Korea, ensuring highest quality and maximum protection against engine and machine wear.

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