Gear Oils

SK Super Gear EP series is premium quality pressure gear oil particularly designed for industries application, SK Super Gear EP contains latest sulfur/phosphorus extreme pressure additive system which gives high load carrying ability and protection against wear. In addition these oils provide excellent protection against corrosion of steel and copper containing alloys.

ISO VG 68 100 150 220 320
Specific Gravity 15°C  0.874 0.855 0.877 0.891 0.891
Kinetic Viscosity cSt 40°C  64.91 100 150 220 306.5
Viscosity Index 115 97 97 97 105
Flash Point, °C 238 220 250 230 244
Pour Point, °C -32.5 -25.0 -25.0 -22.5 -22.5
Copper Corrosion, 100°C/3Hr 1-a 1-a 1-a 1-a 1-a
  •  SK SUPER GEAR EP series is suitable for use in all idustrial gear applicatons, and is particularly for use at high rempratures, Alos it is suitable for the lubrication of heavily loaded enclosed gear sets, including worm gears and industrial hypoid units, and further povides protection in applicaiton where shock loading occurs.
  • SK SUPER GEAR EP series is also suitable for lubrication for plain bearings, and in rolling contact (anti-friction) bearings.
  • Meets US Steel 222,224 and AGMA 250.04
  • Meets DOM 51517 part-3 and SDavid Brown 53.101
  • Meets Cincinnati Milacron P-59